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Life can be overwhelming and frustrating. I’m here to help.

As queer folks, society’s norms don’t always fit for us, and our journeys may look a little different from others.

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of religious harm or religious trauma, it gets even more complicated.


Or maybe you’re just stressed, moving in a hundred different directions, and, feeling disconnected and kind of alone. You constantly struggle to do enough, achieve enough, be enough. It’s exhausting. 

You may be struggling to find out what works for you, who you are, and what you want.

I am here to help you figure things out.

Everyone needs help sometimes. Whether it’s anxiety, recovery from religion, or a mid-life crisis, I want to help find you connection, peace, and relief.

And I am not just an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist. I am a queer-identified therapist. I also openly identify as “EXvangelical” and a secular therapist. (You can read more below about what that means and why it matters.)


I want to help you increase self-compassion, foster human connection, and further cultivate your own authenticity.

I’m also a fan of laughing with you when it helps, providing space for crying when needed, and swearing when necessary… and when the hell isn’t it necessary?


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LGBTQ+ & Non-Traditional Relationships

I understand non-traditional relationships and gender diversity. Let’s figure out what works for you.


Recovery From Religion

Let’s work past the guilt and fear, and sort out who you are now and what is truly important to you in this life.


Stress and Anxiety

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Quarter-life crisis? Let’s figure it out together.


Coming Out Later In Life

Not everyone figures out their sexuality and/or gender in their youth. Especially for folks with a religious upbringing, you’re not alone if you’re finding your queerness in midlife.


Gender-Affirming Therapy

Whether you’re starting your gender journey, or you’re just seeking a therapist who isn’t stuck in an outdated binary mindset, I’m here.


Interpersonal Issues

Relationships (of all kinds) help to give our lives meaning… and they make our lives complicated. Let’s sort things out.

What does it mean to be a secular therapist?

And why should you care?

80% of Americans believe in a supernatural god of some kind. So, there is a good chance that any given therapist is religious or spiritual in some way.


secular therapist is one who clearly identifies they do not include spiritual or religious practices in their work.


Unfortunately, many of my clients and friends have reported that a therapist introduced unwanted religious or spiritual beliefs and practices into therapy. They’ve reported therapists suggesting prayer, recommending religion-based books, insisting that AA is the only way to get sober, and encouraging belief in an afterlife to cope with grief.


It’s a real problem. Not all therapists, of course. But don’t you want to be sure?


This person found himself being pushed back into the closet by his Better Help therapist.

Read here about therapists on LinkedIn who think reproductive rights are evil.


There are so many reasons that you might want to find a secular therapist in Florida or secular therapist in California.


You may be dealing with grief or a difficult life change, and you don’t want to be told it is “god’s plan” or that you need to “pray about it.”

You may be in the process of deconstructing old beliefs and shedding religious indoctrination, while also trying to figure out what you believe and who you are now. Maybe you are wondering if you are dealing with religious trauma.  


As an LGBTQ+ person, you may be experiencing the negative impact of past religious oppression. Perhaps purity culture and patriarchy have messed with your head, and you’re dealing with the aftermath.


Or you might have all that figured out, but you just want to be certain your therapist is going to keep spiritual or religious elements out of your care as you deal with anxiety, stress, or relationship problems.


Does any of this sound like you? Then let’s talk.

LGBTQ+ and non-traditional relationships

Society and religion can really con us into torturing ourselves, just for being who we are.

Even when we consciously have accepted our sexuality or gender, cultural programming can linger and wreak havoc inside. 


You might also be practicing non-monogamy in one or more of its various forms. It is important to find a therapist who affirms your relationship structure and can help you understand yourself within your relationship(s).


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